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Under the Articles of Confederation and later the Constitution, land not included within the boundaries of the original thirteen states became public domain, owned and administered by the national government. Congress provided for surveying and selling public lands in the Land Ordinance of 1785. This law established the rectangular system of survey, which divided land into townships six miles square, with sections a mile square containing 640 acres, and quarter sections of 160 acres.

A unit of government found primarily in the northeast and north central United States; it is a subdivision of a county and is usually 36 square miles (about 93 square kilometer) in area. The term civil township is sometimes used to distinguish it from the congressional, or survey, township of six miles by six miles, which is not a unit of government.

In some states a township meeting, patterned after the New England town meeting, levies township taxes, makes appropriations, enacts bylaws, and serves in general as the policy-determining organ of the township. A township board, either elected or ex officio, ordinarily appoints certain officers and performs other administrative duties. If there is no township meeting the board customarily acts as the township's policy-determining agency. In some states there is a principal administrative officer, usually known as supervisor or trustee. Other township offices commonly include those of clerk, treasurer, assessor, road commissioner, and supervisor of public assistance. Justices of the peace and constables, although they are state rather than local officers, are commonly elected from the townships. Township functions vary widely, but the major services most commonly performed are maintenance of local roads and administration of public assistance. Property assessment is a township function in some instances, and in a few states the township serves as an area for school administration.

In the second half of the 20th century the US township system as a unit of local government has declined steadily. In some areas it has been eliminated and its functions have been transferred to the county.

By far the largest single group of elected officials in Indiana, Township Trustees govern 1,008 townships covering every part of the state. Like most elected officials, the Township Trustee serves a four year term. Many Township Trustees work at other jobs in addition to serving their constituents.

Assisting the Township Trustee in managing this very localized form of government is a three member Township Board. Among its duties are the adoption of the annual budget, serving as a board of finance, and approving township contracts.

Indiana law requires that the Township Trustees provide essential services to the residents and businesses of the Township. Because of its "grassroots" structure, the Township Trustee system is designed specifically to quickly meet the needs of the individual in an emergency.

Fire Protection
Township Trustees are, by Indiana law, charged with the responsibility of providing fire protection and ambulance service for the areas of the township not incorporated into a city or town. The protection can be provided by contracting with various fire departments, operating a Township Fire Department, or a combination of both. (Indiana Code 36-8)

Poor Relief
Overseeing the poor and distributing poor relief is a primary duty in many townships. The trustee is charged to care for the poor by the most economical means available and at the same time is charged to be sure that the necessary needs of an individual or family are met. The applicant must show that they are unable to provide those needs through personal effort and that they have exhausted all other means.

Many trustees creatively cooperate with other agencies and churches in their areas, keeping costs controlled and delivering services needed. The advantage the Trustee's systems has over other forms of welfare is the freedom to discern whether or not an individual has and is willing to put forth that personal effort to help themselves. (Indiana Code Title 12)

Burial assistance is available from the Township Trustee when no other means of payment are available. The trustee, according to Indiana Code Title 12, is to oversee the burial of the indigent.

In townships with a population under 10,000 the trustee is also the township assessor and is responsible for assessing the real and personal property within their township.  Since Center Township in Delaware County has a population over 10,000 there is a separate township assessor.

Personal property is assessed yearly and consists of mobile homes and tangible personal property of an individual, business, or farm. Real property is assessed during a reassessment period with new buildings being added yearly.

Each August, the trustee prepares and submits a budget for the incoming year to the three-person township board for approval. As the Chief Financial Officer of the township, the trustee pays and records all claims for the township expenses and salaries and is responsible to keep accurate records and follow all the financial guidelines set out in Indiana Code.

In January of each year, the trustee presents to the board an annual report which shows all receipts, expenditures, investments and debts. The approved report is then published in local papers for public inspection.

Cemetery Maintenance
According to Indiana Code 23-14 the trustee is to provide and maintain cemeteries located in the township. This includes those cemeteries which have been abandoned.

Weed Control
Indiana Code 15-3-4 charges the trustee with destroying detrimental weeds within their township. Guidelines for notification to the property owner are set within the law.

Fence Disputes
When a dispute arises between two land owners regarding placement and maintenance of line fences, the trustee is to make determination according to Indiana law 32-10-9.

Livestock Claims
If livestock is killed or damaged by unknown dog(s), the owner of the livestock may file a report with the trustee who investigates the claim. If valid, the trustee reimburses the owner for the loss from the dog fund which receives moneys from the dog tags sold each year by the Trustee and Assessor within the township.

Miscellaneous Duties
There are other areas of responsibility for trustees that are not widespread. Those include:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Zoning & Planning
  • Small Claims Court
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Shelters
  • Libraries

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Delaware County Township Office Holders


Center Township


Marilyn Kay Walker 1200 E. Main Street Muncie, IN  47305 288-8876
Board Members
Robert Thompson 4313 N Rosewood Muncie, IN  47304 288-4892
Cordell Campbell 2700 N Virginia Ave Muncie, IN  47303  
Jerry Dishman 2817 N Reserve St Muncie, IN  47303  

Delaware Township


Denise L Thornburg 7100 N Schindel Rd Albany, IN  47320 282-8025
Board Members
Roy Lasater 10580 N Old Granville Rd Albany, IN  47320 282-2071
Jerry Reynard 10121 N Reynard Rd Albany, IN  47320 789-6155

Hamilton Township


Ralph Flowers 2610 W Sun Valley Pkwy Muncie, IN  47303 282-4660
Board Members
David Heinkel 5100 N Somerset Dr Muncie, IN  47304 288-8114
Joseph Russell 12100 N SR 3 Muncie, IN  47303 289-1330
Larry Scott 7821 N SR 67 Muncie, IN  47303 289-0588

Harrison Township


Patricia Glass 9401 N CR 675 W Gaston, IN  47342 358-4366
Board Members
Charles Paul Sr 6705 N Brindale Dr Muncie, IN  47304 282-5570
Brenda K Ragland 5700 N CR 600 W Gaston, IN  47342 759-5696

Liberty Township


Brian J Dudley 6000 E Rick Rd Muncie, IN  47303 289-5661
Board Members
Denise L McIntire 309 S Pittenger Rd Selma, IN  47383 286-2867
Paul E Woodruff 1225 S Pittenger Rd Selma, IN  47383 284-2000

Monroe Township


Nyoka Johnson 2701 E CR 700 S Muncie, IN  47302 289-6892
Board Members
Larry Shirey 151 E CR 700 S Muncie, IN  47302 288-1581
Shirley Foster 9205 S Center Rd Muncie, IN  47302 288-1703

Mt. Pleasant Township


Stephen Fields 807 S Silverwood Rd Muncie, IN  47304 747-9150
Board Members
Dixie Quakenbush 8313 W Lincolnshire Dr Yorktown, IN  47396 759-5016
Ed Smith 6001 W Hellis Dr Muncie, IN   47304 289-2808
Jack Spears 1601 S Andrews Rd Yorktown, IN  47396 759-9673

Niles Township


Dorothy Smoot 7500 E CR 1200 N Eaton, IN  47338 396-3712
Board Members
Paul Campbell 16901 N CR 550 E Eaton, IN  47338 396-9584
Wanda Love 8401 E CR 900 N Albany, IN  47320 396-9584
Max H Morgan 20250 N Boundary Rd Eaton, IN  47338 396-9094

Perry Township


Jana Adams 9301 S CR 600 S Selma, IN  47383 288-0895
Board Members
Joseph A Carmichael 9990 S CR 600 S Selma, IN  47383 774-4251
Charles W Conwell 10707 E Windsor Rd Selma, IN  47383 284-3703
Larry Crabtree 7610 S CR 600 E Selma, IN  47383 284-9325

Salem Township


Tommy Crawford 6090 S CR 500 W Yorktown, IN  47396 378-6777
Board Members
David Howell 12261 S CR 600 W Middletown, IN  47356 759-7432
Mary J Hurley PO Box 164 Daleville, IN  47334 378-3904
J Marlene Lambert 9500 S CR 900 W Daleville, IN  47334 378-3834

Union Township


Mark A Clawson 1525 E Eaton-Wheeling Pk Eaton, IN  47338 396-3252
Board Members
Michael S Johnson 304 E Harris St Eaton, IN  47338 396-9822

Washington Township


Kathy J Miller 15310 N CR 750 W Gaston, IN 47342 358-3365
Board Members
Charles Kirtley 14695 W CR 950 N Gaston, IN  47342 358-3486
Julia J May 13889 W CR 950 N Gaston, IN  47342 358-4553




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